Wellington's highest rated polo event of the season. The Lucchese 40-Goal Polo Challenge has been set for February 17,

22 Jan 2018

This weekend The Joe Barry Cup showed good matches and after polo at IPC, where La Indiana, Modere and Colorado got the

15 Jan 2018

Bendura Bank Team is the champion of "16th Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup". The Melissa Ganzi team got the win in a

14 Jan 2018

From 12 to 14 January 2018, will take place the 16° Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel at the gates of Gamsstadt. The event

11 Jan 2018

In the opening match of the "Joe Barry Cup" on Saturday 6th, Modere defeated Colorado 7-6 in OT, while on Sunday La

08 Jan 2018

Con una gran convocatoria de público, este domingo 7 de enero se despidió en el balneario Cocodrilo de Pinamar la

07 Jan 2018

The Joe Barry Memorial Cup will kick off on Saturday 6th at International Polo Club, Wellington, Florida.

05 Jan 2018

The IPC schedule is ready for the winter season 2017-2018 with four 10 goal players playing in Palm Beach: Facu Pieres,

17 Dec 2017


The second match day of the Zone B of the XI. FIP WORLD POLO CHAMPIONSHIP SYDNEY 2017, comprised by Chile, India, England and New Zealand took place today at the world-class fields of the Sydney Polo Club.

25 Oct 2017 0 comment  


The first teams to battle each other this morning were India and Chile, who showed a true example of great polo and sportsmanship. India had a great start, and they gave a good battle to Chile. The Chileans after the third chukka were able to get a hold of the match, but India was relentless, and the match ended in 11-2 in favor of the South Americans. If Chile wins this next Saturday, they will secure a place in the finals.

- India: Siddhant Sharma (3), Angad Kalaan (4), Dhruv Pal Godara (5), HH Padmanabh Singh (2)

- Chile: Jose Ignacio Martinez (2), Jose Segers (5), Andres Vial Pieres (3), Jose Miguel Pereira Riesco (4)

During the afternoon, it was the turn for New Zealand and England to meet on the pitch. A wonderful match, as the spectators and judges stated, that seemed to be the best of the tournament so far. New Zealand showed great abilities and surprised the audience with their clean strategy. England was also solid; there was a lot of movement and good plays. Even though England started in great spirits, New Zealand stepped up showing confidence, great teamwork, and strategy. The final score was 11-8 in favor of the All Blacks of polo.

- England: Josh Cork (2), Satnam Dillon (5), Henry Porter (2), Peter Webb (5)

- New Zealand: Adam Haworth (2), Guy Higginson (5), Glen Sherri (5), Jonny Jones (2)

The finals of this Zone are yet undecided. While Chile and England look like the strongest teams to earn a spot, New Zealand emerged, and now if it faces India and scores many goals, it will have chances as well. If Chile manages to win by a wide goal difference, then the place in the finals it's theirs, but if England does so as well, the place will be reserved for the team that has more points in total.

“England started off well today, we know they are really good, but we got a little bit of extra confidence, and succeeded towards the end. It was a close match; we just had work hard to keep the pressure on, there were many things in play, we had to keep focused. We always had to keep on working as hard as possible throughout the match; the game didn’t ease up" - Adam Haworth NZ Polo Team

On Saturday, all of the teams will meet at the field, the games as follow:

10:00 am - New Zealand vs. India (Supreme Field)

12:00 pm - USA vs. Spain (Supreme Field)

2:00 pm - Chile vs. England (International Field)

4:00pm - Australia vs. Argentina (International Field)


- Argentina: Tomás María Panelo, Héctor Guerrero, Ignacio Javier Bello, Lucio Fernández Ocampo, Valentín Novillo Astrada, Iván Maldonado,Diego Braun.

- Australia: Jack Archibald, Alex Barnet, Jake Daniels, Jake Daniels, George Hill, Jack Kiely, James Lester, Daniel O’Leary, Alec White.

- Chile: José Zegers, Martin Arrau, Andres Vial Perez, Jose Miguel, Pereira Riesco, María Silva Castelblanco, Ignacio Vial Mazieres, Antonio Eguiguren, Jose
Thomas Von Unger Orchard.

- England: Adolfo Casabal, Edward Banner-Eve, Henry Porter, Josh Cork, Peter Webb, Satnam Singh Dhillon.

- India: Angad Kalaan, HH Sawai Padmanabh Singh, Col Ravi Rathore, Dhruv Pal Godara, Pranav Kapur, Siddhant Sharma, Uday Kalaan.

- Spain: Antonio Ayesa Guix, Benjamín Araya, Jaime Serra Diez, José Marío Trénor Lowestein, Luis Benjumea Llorente, Mario Gomez, Pelayo Berazadi Rózpide.

- USA: Bob Puetz, Daniel Galindo, Felipe Viana, Jesse Bray, Jimmy Wright, Matías Gonzalez

- New Zealand: Cody Forsyth,Glen Sherriff, Guy Higginson, Henry Jones, Jonny Jones, Kit Brooks, Mark Duncan, Richard Hunt, Adam Haworth, Nick Keyte, Sam

Prof. Paola Maldonado
News: María Paula Fernández, Press.
PH: Marcos Cerdeira

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