Este sábado 24 en Palermo se disputarán 2 partidos entre combinados de Córdoba y Rosario, los campeones y subcampeones

23 Feb 2018

Eight of the world's most accomplished players came together for the Lucchese 40-Goal Polo Challenge at International

22 Feb 2018

Sunday was quarterfinal day at International Polo Club Palm Beach, and eight teams fought for a place in the next stage

19 Feb 2018

Desde el jueves 15 y hasta el domingo 18 se llevó a cabo el certamen por la Copa Juan Carlos Harriot en Coronel Suárez

20 Feb 2018

En 2002, el World Polo Tour (WPT) introdujo un sistema para medir el rendimiento de todos los jugadores de polo a nivel

16 Feb 2018

El sábado 10 de febrero se jugaron la finales del Circuito Polo Sur 2017 y la Copa Cañuelas en el Campo Argentino de

11 Feb 2018

The Ylvisaker Cup, third tournament of the 20-goal season at International Polo Club Palm Beach, continued this weekend

12 Feb 2018

La Aguada dio a conocer su calendario de la temporada de otoño 2018, dando la bienvenida a un nuevo año de polo en el

07 Feb 2018

During the last 5 days the Ylvisaker Cup has been in the center of the atention around world, 8 matches were played:

06 Feb 2018

Undefeated teams Tonkawa and Modere met Sunday, January 28, to decide the winner of the 2018 Joe Barry Cup and settle

28 Jan 2018


This weekend The Joe Barry Cup showed good matches and after polo at IPC, where La Indiana, Modere and Colorado got the win.

15 Jan 2018 0 comment  

 La Indiana gave a solid performance to claim a narrow victory over Grand Champions in their second Joe Barry Memorial Cup match. The win was also their second in the tournament with their first coming against Coca-Cola (10-7).

Their 2-0 record makes La Indiana one of the favorites to qualify for the tournament Semi Finals, set to take place on January 24.

La Indiana dominated the match from the start, gaining a 2-0 advantage by the end of the first chukker with goals by Michael Bickford. It marked the first of the game before they tallied another off of a penalty from Jeff Hall, yet the team failed to score in the second and third chukkers. Grand Champions took control, on a run led by Nicolás Pieres, and turned the score in their favor thanks to goals in both the second and third chukkers, as the halftime buzzer sounded to break the game at a score of 3-2.

La Indiana woke up in the fourth and gave their best performance yet thanks to Victorino “Torito” Ruiz, who scored four consecutive goals in the fourth and fifth. La Indiana came down hard on their opponent, particularly in the fourth, where they managed to build a 6-3 advantage. They continued to work well together into the latter half of the game, finishing the chukker up to score of 8-4.

“The match was a good one. We started off asleep, the horses were a bit heavy and we were out of rhythm,” said Toro Ruiz, MVP of the match. “But once we got into the groove of it we started playing better, even though we slacked a bit at the end. The field was in great condition, so we are happy overall.”

The last few minutes of the game were the best of the match as Grand Champions fought hard to bring the game back to their advantage. A tremendous shot by Jeff Hall tied the match and pushed the game into an extra chukker. La Indiana remained on top though through the period and went on to claim their second victory of the tournament.

- MVP: Victorino Ruiz

- Best Playing Pony: Don Ercole Mentira, played by Victorino Ruiz.

On Monday Modere beat Postage Stamp Farm 13-12 at Isla Carroll East and Colorado won against Goose Creek on Field 4 with a 12-10 final score.

Next games on Wednesday

- 12:00pm Coca Cola vs Pilot

- 03:00pm Travieso vs La Indiana

Prof. Paola Maldonado
News: IPC Press
PH: Alex Pacheco


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