El tradicional Abierto del Jockey finalizó con la victoria del equipo del patrón Bob Jornayvaz quien junto a Adolfo

16 Sep 2017

Este mediodía se llevó a cabo en La Aguada Resort la presentación del equipo que disputa la Triple Corona 2017; "La

20 Sep 2017

Este miércoles 6/9 en el Campo Argentino de Polo en Palermo se disputarán las finales del torneo que abre la Temporada

06 Sep 2017

El domingo llegó a su fin en el Polo Club de Saint Tropez el Polo Masters/Open de Gassin donde Chateau D´Aulne-el

31 Jul 2017

Klentner Ranch claimed the historic Robert Skene Trophy on a beautiful afternoon at the Santa Barbara Polo Club, after

26 Jul 2017

El jueves 20 del corriente comenzará en el Polo Club de Saint Tropez el Polo Masters/Open de Gassin, el segundo

19 Jul 2017


Murus Sanctus beat up on Sifani 13-7 Tuesday afternoon as play continued in the 2017 Cartier Queens Cup at the Guards Polo Club.

30 May 2017 0 comment  

Guillermo Terrera scored the opening goal of the game to give Sifani their only lead of the game, 1-0, before Murus Sanctus stormed back. A penalty goal from Argentine 10-goaler Hilario Ulloa was followed by a goal from the field from Facundo Sola, allowing Murus Sanctus to leave the field at the end of the first chukker with a 2-1 advantage.
Ulloa drove the ball through the Sifani goalposts from over 100-yards out followed by goals from Corinne Ricard and Sola for a four goal, 5-1 lead. Julio de Lusarreta scored on a 40-yard penalty shot for Sifani, but a closing goal from Sola stretched the Murus Sanctus lead to four goals, 6-2.
Murus Sanctus elevated their defensive game in the third chukker as they shut down the Sifani attack. Ulloa scored his third goal of the day on aa steal and a run of over 200-ayrds, 7-2. Ulloa scored the closing goal of the period to end the first half with Murus Sanctus enjoying a six-goal lead, 8-2.
Ulloa added three more goals (one on a penalty shot) in the fourth period with team captain Ricard scoring for the second time on the day. Sifani responded with single goals from Terrera and J. P. Clarkin. The Murus Sanctus had grown to eight goals, 12-4, with just two periods remaining in regulation play.
Goals were hard to come by in the fifth period with several shots by both sides going wide of their respective goals. Midway through the chukker, Sola scored his fourth of the afternoon to out Murus Sanctus in the lead by nine goals, 13-4.
Sifani tried to recover the team play that was so prominent in their 11-8 win over La Bamba de Areco, putting up the final three goals of the match, but it wasn’t nearly enough as Murus Sanctus coasted to a 13-7 victory.
Ulloa led all scoring with seven goals. Sola scored four times and Ricard added two goals for the win. Terrera and de Lusarreta scored three goals apiece for Sifani with Clarkin accounting for one goal in the loss.

Wednesday 31st

- 12:00pm Monterosso vs Talandracas

- 12:00pm El remanso vs Sommelier

- 03:00pm La Bamba de Areco vs King Power Foxes

Prof. Paola Maldonado
Thanks a lot: Alex Webbe
PH: Helen Cruden

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