This weekend The Joe Barry Cup showed good matches and after polo at IPC, where La Indiana, Modere and Colorado got the

15 Jan 2018

Bendura Bank Team is the champion of "16th Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup". The Melissa Ganzi team got the win in a

14 Jan 2018

The 2nd day of "16th Bendura Bank Snow World Polo Cup" was the perfect day to Alejandro and Valentín Novillo Astrada

13 Jan 2018

In a fantastic sunshine day in Kitzbühel the 16th edition of the 2018 Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup opened the doors

12 Jan 2018

From 12 to 14 January 2018, will take place the 16° Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel at the gates of Gamsstadt. The event

11 Jan 2018

In the opening match of the "Joe Barry Cup" on Saturday 6th, Modere defeated Colorado 7-6 in OT, while on Sunday La

08 Jan 2018

Con una gran convocatoria de público, este domingo 7 de enero se despidió en el balneario Cocodrilo de Pinamar la

07 Jan 2018

Tras la reprogramación por lluvia, sábado 6 de enero se disputó la segunda fecha del 23° Grand Slam Sancor Seguros

06 Jan 2018

The Joe Barry Memorial Cup will kick off on Saturday 6th at International Polo Club, Wellington, Florida.

05 Jan 2018

The IPC schedule is ready for the winter season 2017-2018 with four 10 goal players playing in Palm Beach: Facu Pieres,

17 Dec 2017


Acme Elixirs celebrated finishing the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club 8 Goal Fall Tournament Series undefeated with a champagne shower on the trophy stand.

04 Oct 2017 0 comment  


John Ziegler A, Jim Wright 2, Max Menini 5, Leandro Floccari 1 proved to be an unstoppable force on the field this year, winning their second consecutive 8 goal final, the USPA Von Dornberg Stick & Ball Wickenden Cup. Max Menini showed his talent with the ball and his impressive string of horses throughout the match and was awarded with the Most Valuable Player Award and Best Playing Pony, Chocolata.

In a repeat of the previous final, Acme Elixirs faced off against Klentner Ranch. After falling short to La Herradura on Saturday, Klentner Ranch found themselves tied with Twin Palms in record after three rounds of tournament play. Father, Graham Bray, dueled for Twin Palms against son, Jesse Bray on Klentner Ranch, in the penalty shootout. Jesse emerged from the shootout to face Acme Elixirs 3-0 in the Sunday final.

The first three chukkers of play were tight and tough. After a scoring drought in the first chukker, both teams slowly began adding ticks to the scoreboard. Acme Elixirs established an early lead in the second and third chukker. Eager to put Klentner Ranch back in the scoring game, Bray punched a penalty 5 from the center through the uprights to bring the team within two goals at halftime 4-2.

Acme Elixirs fired through the fourth chukker and once again pulled away from Klentner Ranch. A heavily guarded Menini relied on his young teammates, Wright and Floccari, to push the ball forwards. A difficult, angled tail-shot goal by Menini added to their offensive momentum.

Klentner Ranch fought back in the final two chukkers, but time was limited. Luke Klentner played an integral role in their defensive effort, nailing several back shots downfield to his teammates. Fargey and Bray worked to get the ball down to the Klentner Ranch goal, but continually found themselves covered by the opposition. Acme Elixirs claimed their second 8 goal tournament of the season with a resounding 12-6 victory.

The Santa Barbara Polo Academy ran an arena tournament over the weekend. With an abundance of horses and children, there were plenty of high-fives, laughs and smiles to be had!

The Last Chance Tournament will take place this coming weekend as the final polo tournament of the year. Come out and enjoy the last weekend of Sunday Polo!

Prof. Paola Maldonado
News: Hayley Heatley, Santa Barbara Press
PH: Lominska Polographics

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