El equipo La Loma, se quedó con la Copa Martín Miguel de Güemes Gran Premio Magret, que se disputó en Salta Polo Club

19 Jun 2017

Cambiaso always Cambiaso, He has won his 10th Queen´s Cup, this time in RH Polo, He is the best player in the world and

19 Jun 2017

US Polo Assn takes home their second consecutive 12 goal tournament win, claiming the Ramsey Asphalt Pope Challenge

01 Jun 2017

Este martes 30 en la AAP de Palermo se llevó a cabo la elección del nuevo presidente de la Asociación tras la

30 May 2017

The 6th day at Guards gave us 3 matches where King Power Foxes def La Bamba de Areco 13-9; Talandracas beat Monterosso

31 May 2017

Este domingo 28 concluyó la cuarta escala del Tour de Polo del Interior presentado por Sancor Seguros en The Venado

29 May 2017

The second 12 goal tournament, the Ramsey Asphalt Pope Challenge, kicked off on Friday with two matches, at Santa

24 May 2017

La 4ta etapa del Tour de Polo del Interior se disputará desde el jueves 25 y hasta el domingo 28,en The Venado Tuerto

24 May 2017

La Aguada Polo Club sio a conocer su programación de torneos para la temporada "Primavera 2017" presentada por Río

23 May 2017

A golden goal from Matias Machado ensured Bardon had an unbeaten run in the 15-goal La Martina Queen Elizabeth The

23 May 2017


A golden goal from Matias Machado ensured Bardon had an unbeaten run in the 15-goal La Martina Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Centenary Trophy.

22 May 2017 0 comment  

A delighted patron, Andras Tombor, received the trophy from Sarah Byfield Riches, head of design at London College of Fashion and one of La Martina’s Royal Box guests on finals day.

Bardon had dominated the early part of this final against Lord Rothermere’s Ferne Park and were 6-2 up in the third chukka. However what could have been a fast and flowing game – featuring some great battles between Machado and Alejo de Taranco Stirling versus Joaquin Pittaluga – was marred by too many penalties. And it was these that brought Ferne Park very much back into the game in the final two chukkas. They had closed the gap to 6-4 at the end of the third and then Pittaluga converted two further goals in the fourth. The scores were now 6-6 and extra time loomed.

Not surprisingly, tensions were running high in the extra, fifth chukka and it seemed that the advantage was with Ferne Park, with the ball lying perilously close to Bardon’s goal. But Machado had other ideas and picking up a loose ball, ran down The Queen’s Ground to score and win the match, mounted on the fast-paced Vegas. This 14-year-old mare was later rewarded with the Polo Times Best Playing Pony prize.

Tombor confirmed after the match presentations that the team had not changed tactics, despite Ferne Park’s late rally. “We just tried to be as many players as possible on the field,” he said. “I marked Josh Cork whenever he had the ball and he is a very talented player.

“We are playing more 15 and some 18-goal this season, but this tournament has been good fun. We played three out of our four games here on The Queen’s Ground which has been amazing and to win all of our matches was brilliant. “

Fourteen teams had entered this 15-goal tournament and a sub-final had been played earlier in the day. This featured Park Place and Four Quarters Black at Coworth Park. Andrey Borodin’s Park Place won this battle, defeating Romila Arber’s team 5-3.


- Bardon 15: Andras Tombor 0, Matias Machado 4, Alejo Taranco 7, Gregorio Gelosi 4.

- Ferne Park 15: Jonathan Rothermere 0, Joshua Cork 2, Ignacio Negri 6, Joaquín Pittaluga 7.

Prof. Paola Maldonado
News: Guards Polo Club Press
PH: Tony Ramirez, http://www.imagesofpolo.com/

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